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Mutton Box

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Orders for Mutton must be 10 days in advance!

We need clear cutting specifications for this item. When you place your order please look below for details and confirm in comments at checkout.

Be aware that with Mutton even though we will trim it as much as possible you will find it fattier than Lamb and it will have a stronger "sheep" flavour.
We also have organically tanned lambswool fleeces available. Whilst they are not from the same lamb prepared for you, they are still one of our own lambs from last year. These are tanned by the only organic tanner in the UK and can be used for newborn babies or people with allergies, they retail at £105 but we can offer them at £85 to you with your order!

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Specify in comments section at checkout Option A or B


Option A 

Best for stewing and curries

Option B

Best for roasting and grilling


  • One half leg roasting joint.
  • Remainder dice boneless (approx 5kg).
  • Two half leg roasting joints.
  • Diced boneless (approx 3kg).


  • Both diced on bone.
  • Two roasting joints  (one bone in, one boned and rolled)
  • Remainder minced (approx 3kg).
  • Selection of T-bone chops, cutlets, chump chops and ribs (approx 2.5kg).
  • Selection of T-bone chops, cutlets, chump chops and ribs (approx 2.5kg).
  • Trimmings Minced (approx 2kg).
  • Trimmings Minced (approx 2kg).
  • Bones included (2kg)
  • Bones included (2kg)