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Willowbrook is a family run farm nestled in the environmentally sensitive Cherwell Valley flood plain, close to Oxford.  Our land is farmed without the use of chemicals and we are committed to the environmental sustainability and natural biodiversity of the land.  We are also committed to producing and sourcing top quality local foods for our customers.

Ordering Produce

How do I order? - Please make all orders through the website by Friday (earlier if possible) for delivery/collection on Friday the following week. Last minute changes must be made before Sunday. Once we have your order we will check our stock and confirm the order with you before delivery and payment. Please include both a telephone number and email in your order so that we can easily get in touch with you. If we don't reply to you within 24hrs, you can give us a call or email to confirm the order went through.

Natural Halal Farming

For information on the Raising and Dispatch of our animals please Click Here.

Willowbrook Farm is in a beautiful part of the Oxfordshire countryside and the entire farm falls within the Cherwell Valley Environmentally Sensitive Area. Beyond our organic status we plan to develop a vibrant ecosystem sustaining a wide variety of plant and animal life on the farm.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in environmental activities at Willowbrook Farm. Check out some of our upcoming activities or browse our past events to get a feel for the work we do. From strenuous hard-work weekends to relaxed, sunny Open Days, you're guaranteed to find something to suit you at Willowbrook Farm.

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